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musician, producer, songwriter, wordsmith, educator:

David Cooper Claire

So tell me, Dude, LikE, What is AM321T20N1CA?

Howdy partner! Well, if ya gotta ask, you'll never know -- just kidding. 
AM321T20N1CA is a most holy union between the folkloric cowboy culture of the old west (i.e. Americana) and the modern digitization of reality now observed within The Information Age.
In so many regards, Internet culture is a visage mirroring the vaqueras and gunslingers of old, an endless expanse of uncharted frontier, limitless possibilities, tremendous uncertainty, good, bad, and ugly characters. A specific literary subgenre, Weird West, combines Western themes with those of other major fiction  -- horror, occult, fantasy, and sci-fi. I'd like to think that Weird West much more accurately conjures the many subtleties of our vested online technocracy; it is truly a strange time to be alive -- perhaps even the strangest?
Initially, I coined myself TH3 M1D1 C0WB0Y: a less-than-obvious allusion to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), a form of communications protocol used between electronic musical instruments -- as if AM321T20N1CA weren't esoteric enough. Hereupon, I shall simply be a MUS1C MAN, which I feel is a bit more aptly contrived, or at the very least, understood.
Not to get any more esoteric on y'all, but the original conception of this particular brand of Weird West were that it bore a Hindu birth. Something about a paradoxical injection of East into West, those cartoons of prankster deity Krishna riding around on horseback -- he just seemed like a cowboy, minus that whole magic flute thing. It was my intention to culture a microcosm where paisley pattern wasn't the only gift from the Hindu East to the American Wild West. But, I'll bet ya didn't know that either?
Reckon' I'd liken myself to some sort of psychedelic prairie minstrel, a campfire crooner tryna' hear The Music of the Spheres.
The Music of the Spheres?! Well, that's the musica universalis, an ancient Greek philosophical concept that an inaudible orbital resonance borne across our universe dictates the many harmonies of nature, physics, math, and spirituality. Basically, a cosmic music, likened to the Hindu supersoul, is literally the maestro of all existence. 
While this remains to be scientifically proven, it has certainly been true, at least anecdotally, in my own little universe. Isn't that really what really matters, anyhow?
Anyway, in my opinion (which may, or may not, be shared by anyone, anywhere) music is the best thing in the universe -- and I'll even venture the conjecture that IT IS THE UNIVERSE?!
Welp. Alright, buckaroo. No time to argue with ya. I've got to be off, things to do today. In the meantime, have yourself a look around.
Feel free to drop me a line, anytime: DCooperClaire @ gmail dot com
-- Cooper Claire

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